Vertiv (ex. Emerson) 500VA/300W PSA500MT3, line-int., euro, des – 0344003


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PSA500MT3, Izlazna snaga 300 W, Tehnologija Line interactive AVR, Simulated Sine Wave, Izlazni napon 230 V, Ulazni napon 230 V, Vrijeme punjenja 8 h, Komunikacija USB

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Liebert PSA mixes unique features and extraordinary performance. Designed with simple controls for easy operation, it provides up to five minutes of back-up time at full load: more than enough time to save work in process and shut down your system. Shutdown software and a USB cable are also included, to allow remote alerts and automated graceful shutdown of the connected systems.

– Available in four sizes: 500 VA, 650 VA, 1000 VA and 1500 VA
– Offers multiple battery backed and surge protected sockets
– Liebert PSA provides 5 or more minutes of battery backup (depending on load level)
– Protects datalines
– Fully RoHS compliant

User friendly LED display for easy operation
Mix of battery-backed and surge-only sockets to adapt to different types of loads and requirements
USB communications/shutdown software and cable included for plug and play use
User replaceable batteries to maximize initial investment

Izlazna snaga [W] 300
Tehnologija Line interactive AVR, Simulated Sine Wave
Izlazni napon [V] 230
Izlazna frekvencija 50/60Hz ±5Hz
Promjena izlaznog napona [%] 5
Izlazni priključci 3x IEC-320-C13, 1x IEC-320-C13 (samo prenaponska zaštita)
Ulazni napon [V] 230
Ulazna frekvencija 50/60Hz
Podesivost ulaznog napona [V] 160-287
Vrijeme punjenja [h] 8
Vrijeme rada (50% load) [min] 0
Vrijeme rada (100% load) [min] 0
Surge rating [J] 0
Dodatna zaštita RJ45
Komunikacija USB
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Težina 6.7 kg
Dimenzije 45 × 45 × 25 cm
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